SME recruiters: here’s why you should outsource your marketing

Every recruiter is familiar with outsourcing. In an industry this competitive, it’s a necessity to keep operating costs down, push productivity up, and win the war for talent. However, not every recruiter has thought about outsourcing their marketing. Here’s why you should.   It saves your precious time Outsourcing marketing frees you up to focus […]

Testimonials – getting it right

Testimonials remain one of the most powerful forces in recruitment marketing. However this is only the case if they are proper testimonials. Otherwise you are wasting valuable space on your website and brochures.   So what is a proper testimonial? Well, a testimonial needs three important things. Credibility. This means that it needs to be […]

What the purchase of LinkedIn means for recruitment marketing budgets

I joined LinkedIn as a member years ago when it started and I have benefited from it.  I love what it can do and I have been a huge advocate of it. Yet increasingly I am becoming disillusioned.  The restrictions put on the use of the product and forcing people to pay increasingly more for […]

Recruitment industry exhibitions – time for a change?

When I first started out in recruitment there were not many events that brought the industry together.  In recent years however there has been an explosion.  The latest is next week, with the final publication to have so far avoided them (Recruiter) joining the likes of Recruitment International, Global Recruiter and Onrec in running an […]

Any excuse for cake

GKS Associates, the only marketing specialist dedicated solely to the recruitment industry, are celebrating their first birthday. Founded in 2014 by the experienced recruitment marketing specialist Robert Woodford, the company has grown month on month and established itself as a supplier to the industry.  Woodford commented “the appetite for a recruitment marketing specialist has been […]

Salary survey for marketing professionals working in recruitment

We are delighted to publish our inaugural salary survey, specifically for marketing professionals within the recruitment and staffing related industries. It’s a small but growing community of talented business professionals, and this is reflected in the salaries that are available in this area. This survey is for permanent salaries only.  If you would like information […]

The final challenge in the fight for true diversity?

The true challenge of achieving diversity seems to lie closer to home for recruiters…. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are all hot topics for recruiters now.  And rightly so.  Not just morally, socially and all of those types of stances, but let’s be honest, commercially too. Most clients are asking their recruiters what their policy is, […]

A New Wallet: The Real Cost Of Loyalty Schemes

I had to buy a new wallet at the weekend. My old one had gone and worn itself out by the sheer weight and bulging of the contents. Unfortunately this wasn’t down to £50 notes but the number of loyalty cards I had. From supermarkets through to coffee shops, department stores through to some random […]