SME recruiters: here’s why you should outsource your marketing

June 25, 2020

Every recruiter is familiar with outsourcing. In an industry this competitive, it’s a necessity to keep operating costs down, push productivity up, and win the war for talent. However, not every recruiter has thought about outsourcing their marketing. Here’s why you should.


It saves your precious time

Outsourcing marketing frees you up to focus on your area of expertise – the actual recruitment – and gives you the confidence of knowing your marketing is being handled by someone who really knows their stuff. Speaking of which…


You get experts

Just a wild guess, but as a SME recruitment company, you probably don’t have a marketing team with expertise in everything from blogging and copywriting to strategy analysis, social media management, and SEO.


And it isn’t practical to hire a whole new person every time you have short-term marketing needs, or when key marketing activities call for skills, technologies, and experience your team doesn’t have.


Marketing agencies can put the latest technology and the most skilled experts at your service. Because outsourcing lets you pay for only what you need, you can work with talent you could never afford to hire full-time. Speaking of which…


It gives you the ultimate flexibility

Outsourcing offers you game-changing flexibility. You can outsource all or part of your marketing or just a single marketing project. You’re free to find the balance that works best for your business, enabling you to attract more clients and better talent while focusing on improving your core service offerings. Speaking of which…


You get to concentrate on your core business

When you outsource your marketing, your own people will be free to get on with using their experience and talents doing what they do best, without being distracted from focusing on their specialised area. Speaking of which…


It saves you money

Every recruiter wants – and needs – to save money, and most SME recruiters can’t afford to hire a specialised marketing team. That means the efficiency of your existing staff suffers as they spread themselves too thin trying to be recruiters and marketers at once. Result: wasted time, wasted money, and the loss of vital focus on growing your business.


Outsourcing marketing means you can adapt your resource levels according to your business needs and avoid the risk of being overstaffed in slow times or understaffed in busy times.


You know you’ll get quality

Like recruiters, marketers live in a very competitive world and know they can easily be replaced if their performance is less than stellar. That means they’re hungry to be the best and will go above and beyond to give you superb customer service and outstanding results.


You know you’ll get objectivity

With the best will in the world, people who are personally attached to a company can be a teensy bit biased. Outside marketers can offer you a truly objective and entirely fresh perspective.


What’s more, there’s no need to walk on eggshells if you have criticisms of a marketing agency’s work. Just tell them straight – they can take it!