Why there’s never been a better time to outsource your recruitment marketing!

November 29, 2021

The outsourcing market is set to be worth $405.6 billion by 2027. While you might think outsourcing is only for large companies, it’s actually never been more accessible to small businesses.

Outsourcing enables you to work with expert talent from anywhere in the world, save time, cut costs and boost your ROI. Here’s how.

1. Know when to outsource

If your core team is overwhelmed with work or wasting too much time on the boring stuff, it’s time to outsource. If you need expertise that you don’t have in-house, it’s definitely time to outsource.

2. Know what to outsource

When outsourcing, keep everything related to your core competencies in-house. For example, if you’re a recruiter, you shouldn’t outsource your recruitment services because they’re something your clients pay you for.

So what should you outsource?

• Repetitive tasks like making daily posts across company social media

• Expertise-specific tasks such as content writing and graphic design

3. Find the right professionals to partner with

Choosing the right partner is the most important and challenging part of outsourcing, and with more people working as freelancers than ever before, it’s harder to spot the professionals who’ll genuinely help you grow your business. Here’s a checklist to follow when hiring freelancers:

• Do they have the experience and expertise you need?

• Do they believe in your company and your services?

• Do they love what they do?

• Do their services fit your budget?

Make sure you also look at their past work and client reviews.

4. Work responsibly with your marketing partner

To get the most out of outsourcing, make sure you create briefs that outline what you want clearly. However, don’t micromanage–trust the experts to do their job. Use project management platforms to organise tasks and deadlines and make communication easier.

If you’re ready to start growing your business with outsourcing, get in touch today to discover what we can do for you.