Why should you outsource your recruitment marketing?

November 16, 2021

Marketing roles have the highest churn, according to a LinkedIn study. Why?

Part of it may be the pace of change as product-oriented marketing strategies become obsolete. But part of it is almost certainly the ambiguity.

Marketing professionals have to enhance customer experience, focus on the “job to be done”, push costs down and RoI up, cater to multiple markets around the world, online and offline, and get to grips with automation and data analytics too. And in many organisations, they don’t have clear KRAs or KPIs to tell them how they’re doing. It’s no wonder marketing employees are frustrated.

The skillset required for marketing is evolving so fast many businesses are finding it hard to keep up. Having hired personnel to manage every aspect of your marketing no longer makes sense–the monumental cost and effort of constantly upgrading their skills just wouldn’t be feasible.

The only solution that makes sense today is to outsource at least some of your marketing efforts to experts who specialise in just one aspect of marketing and can therefore keep their skills up to date. Because they work across multiple organisations, they also gain more exposure and more opportunities to keep honing their skills. And working with them is cost-efficient too.

A good marketing partner can be key to your success. But what should you outsource, to whom, and what should you expect from them? Here are three aspects of marketing that work particularly well as outsourced roles:

  1. Performance marketing

With digital marketing tools, outsourcing specific marketing goals like leads, and measurable results linked to payments, can be a very transparent process. Your marketing partners will analyse data and give you a clear report that goes beyond figures to descriptive analysis of what’s working and what isn’t. Breaking this analysis down to micro-segments can give you detailed and accurate feedback that will help you create better campaigns and potentially even predict outcomes.

  1. Social media

Managing a corporate social media presence is very different from managing your own individual social media accounts. You’ll need to understand the entire business landscape, be constantly aware of what your competitors are doing, and move like lightning to stay ahead. A good marketing partner with experience in the industry can handle this for you.

  1. Leadership

Many organisations are now outsourcing their CMO role, bringing a wealth of experience into the company. And not before time, as a recent HBR survey found that 80 percent of CEOs are dissatisfied with their internal CMO, meaning this role has a high turnover. Outsourced CMOs are cost-effective and laser-focused on measurable deliverables. They can also connect you with specialists who have skills and knowledge in any area of digital or automated marketing. A strong partnership with an external marketing expert can transform your brand.