To Buy Or Not To Buy

November 13, 2014

I was recently met by a grinning contact – they had smashed their twitter follower count. Tick.  Next project.

Of course he had no magic wand, he had simply paid £15 and ended up with 1000 new followers.  Great.  Of these 1000 none are would be customers, none are remotely related to his brand, none seem to be based in the UK and a large majority are questionable as to whether you want them following you.

He still couldn’t understand – his social media expert (turns out was his friends son) had said that follower counts were everything and that this added weight to his brand.  So I explained it in the following terms.  “Imagine you are selling your penthouse apartment in Salford Queys, and your estate agent comes to you and says ‘I’ve sent your apartment details out to 500 people’  You would be right in thinking great.  But if those 500 people were students based in Azerbaijan, there is little point”

And this is the crux of twitter followers.  There are occasions (very limited indeed) where purchasing followers may be advisable, but on the whole it is not.

They will do nothing for your brand and nothing for the sales line.

So if you have £15 spare, why not spend it on buying one of our consultants a coffee (there should even be money left for a cake) and we will tell you how you can go about increasing your twitter followers with the very best kind of person – a potential customer.