The Marketing Junction Supercharges IT Support and recruitment marketing with SynergyGroup Partnership.

June 20, 2023

The Marketing Junction are delighted to share the news that they have appointed SynergyGroup, a renowned IT services provider specialising in the recruitment industry, as our new IT provider. The partnership between The Marketing Junction and SynergyGroup not only elevates the level of support provided to our valued clients but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to meeting their evolving needs. This collaboration underscores our dedication to growth and professional development. With their exceptional customer service and shared values, SynergyGroup is an ideal counterpart for The Marketing Junction.

Robert Woodford, MD of The Marketing Junction commented “SynergyGroup has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous recruitment businesses, thanks to its expertise in delivering reliable, managed IT services and comprehensive support. Their industry knowledge has consistently empowered recruitment businesses to leverage cutting-edge technologies, streamline operations, and drive growth.  We were keen to get involved with them and benefit from their experience.”

The Marketing Junction is excited to elevate its capabilities by joining forces with SynergyGroup. This partnership will empower us to provide clients with an enriched experience, delivering enhanced efficiency and peace of mind.

Leon Penny, MD of SynergyGroup commented that “The Marketing Junction are enthusiastic and committed to providing exceptional marketing services that cater to the unique needs of the recruitment industry. By adopting a best-in-class approach to their IT set-up, they are choosing to offer outstanding value to their stakeholders. We are delighted to support them.”

The alliance between The Marketing Junction and SynergyGroup represents a strong commitment to fuelling growth ambitions through strategic resource allocation and expertise. With the backing of SynergyGroup, we are confident in our ability to overcome obstacles, reach our objectives, and deliver even more exceptional services to our esteemed clients.