Shake It Off: Boosting Recruitment Marketing with Lessons from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

June 12, 2024

How Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Could Inspire Recruiters to Hit the Right Notes

The world seems to have lost its collective mind over this tour.  So what better way than to jump on this bandwagon and shoehorn a reference to recrutiemtn marketing.  So here goes…….

As a recruitment professional, you’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to attract top candidates and impress clients with your marketing efforts. While you might not have the star power of Taylor Swift, her record-breaking Eras Tour offers valuable lessons that can help you elevate your strategies, create a buzz that will have job seekers clamouring to join your clients’ organisations, and demonstrate your value to potential clients.

1. Create an immersive experience
The Eras Tour is more than just a concert; it’s a carefully curated, multisensory experience that transports Swifties into the world of their favourite artist. From the elaborate costumes and set designs to the interactive elements, every aspect is designed to create a memorable and emotional connection with fans.

As a recruiter, you should strive to create a similarly immersive experience for both candidates and clients. For candidates, craft compelling narratives around your clients’ employer brands and the opportunities they offer. Use storytelling, video content, and interactive elements to give candidates a glimpse into your clients’ company cultures and help them envision themselves as part of their teams. For clients, showcase your ability to create engaging and effective recruitment campaigns that will help them stand out in a competitive market.

2. Build an emotional connection
One of the reasons Taylor Swift has such a dedicated fanbase is her ability to connect with her audience on a deep, emotional level. Her songs often reflect the experiences and feelings of her listeners, creating a sense of understanding and belonging.

In the world of recruitment, forging an emotional connection with both candidates and clients can be a game-changer. For candidates, showcase your clients’ values, missions, and the impact their employees make. Help candidates see how their own aspirations align with the companies’ goals by sharing stories of employee success, highlighting commitments to diversity and inclusion, and demonstrating how the organisations support the well-being and growth of their people. For clients, show that you understand their unique needs and challenges, and that you’re invested in helping them build strong, engaged teams.

3. Generate anticipation and FOMO
The Eras Tour has been generating buzz for months, with fans eagerly awaiting the chance to secure tickets and be part of the experience. The fear of missing out (FOMO) has driven unprecedented demand and created a sense of urgency among Swifties.

As a recruiter, you can tap into the power of anticipation and FOMO to create excitement around your clients’ job opportunities and your own services. Tease upcoming roles on social media, share sneak peeks of your clients’ projects or events, and highlight the unique benefits and perks that come with joining their teams. For potential clients, showcase your successes and the innovative strategies you use to help organisations secure top talent. By creating a sense of exclusivity and emphasising the potential for growth and impact, you can make both candidates and clients feel like they simply can’t afford to miss out on working with you.

4. Surprise and delight
Throughout the Eras Tour, Taylor Swift has been treating fans to unexpected surprises, such as performing two surprise songs each night. These moments of delight keep fans engaged and create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

In the recruitment process, look for opportunities to surprise and delight both candidates and clients. For candidates, this could be as simple as sending a personalised note or small gift to thank them for their time, or as elaborate as creating an unexpected and memorable interview experience. For clients, go above and beyond by providing valuable insights, sharing industry trends, and offering innovative solutions to their recruitment challenges. By consistently exceeding expectations, you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition and leave a lasting impression on both candidates and clients.

5. Show appreciation for your team
Taylor Swift made headlines when she reportedly gave bonuses of up to $100,000 to her tour truck drivers, demonstrating her appreciation for the hardworking crew that makes her shows possible.

As a recruiter, it’s crucial to recognise and reward the efforts of your team. Celebrate their successes, provide opportunities for growth and development, and foster a supportive and collaborative work environment. When your team feels valued and empowered, externally they will become stronger advocates for your brand, which will ensure your marketing efforts reap more rewards.

6. Embrace the power of social media
The Eras Tour has been dominating social media, with fans sharing their experiences, photos, and videos across platforms. This user-generated content has amplified the tour’s reach and created a sense of community among Swifties.

In the world of recruitment, social media is a powerful tool for reaching and engaging both candidates and clients. Encourage your consultants to share their experiences and stories on social platforms, and actively participate in relevant online communities. Showcase your own expertise and thought leadership by sharing valuable content and insights. By leveraging the power of employee advocacy, authentic storytelling, and your own personal brand, you can expand your reach, attract candidates who are genuinely excited about joining your clients’ teams, and demonstrate your value to potential clients.

As you navigate the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, take a page from Taylor Swift’s playbook and create recruitment experiences that are immersive, emotional, and unforgettable for both candidates and clients. By applying these lessons from the Eras Tour, you can hit all the right notes, build a fanbase of top talent that will help your clients’ organisations thrive, and establish yourself as a go-to recruitment partner for companies looking to build strong, engaged teams.

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Photo by Rosa Rafael on Unsplash