Google Analytics 4 for Recruitment Websites – what is it and what happens if you don’t switch

April 28, 2023

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google’s data measurement platform. It was launched in October 2020, and it provides a more seamless analytical experience, making it easier for recruitment businesses to understand the client and candidate journey. GA4 also has built-in candidate-focused privacy controls to align with Google’s new decoupling from third-party cookies.

However, with the impending switch from Universal Analytics (GA3) to GA4, many recruitment businesses are left wondering what will happen if they don’t make the switch. Google has already announced that they will stop Universal Analytics from collecting data on July 1, 2023, with historical data available for the rest of 2023. This means no new analytical data will be available in GA3 after July, and businesses risk losing their data, including conversion data, website traffic data, website engagement data, and marketing attribution data.

Additionally, GA3 data will not import over to GA4 since they are distinct systems with different data collection methods. This means businesses that don’t switch to GA4 will lose their data, making it difficult to know year-over-year changes.

On the other hand, GA4 comes with several new features and capabilities, making it more advantageous than GA3. For instance, GA4 offers data-driven attribution, event-based measurement modelling, easy integration with applications, and future-proofed analytics. The platform also stands out for its commitment to user privacy, making it a more secure and ethical solution for data tracking.

As Google Analytics moves away from cookie-powered analytics and adheres closer to data privacy regulations, GA4 is the future of Google’s data measurement platform. With little time to waste, businesses that haven’t made the switch should start the migration process ASAP.

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