Fasten Your Seatbelts: Email Marketing is Getting a Makeover!

November 20, 2023

Get ready to witness the evolution of email marketing – it’s like sending pigeons in the digital age! Leading email providers like Gmail and Yahoo have turned into email fashion police, making sure that only the email elite make it to the inbox runway.

This guide will serve as your passport to ensure your emails remain VIPs and don’t get stuck in the spammy backwaters.

The Inbox Revolution

Forget about carpet-bombing inboxes; those days are as outdated as fax machines. Email providers are now the bouncers at the inbox club, demanding senders to prove their credentials.

Google’s BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is like the red carpet for your emails, complete with logos and authentication certificates. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s DMARC enforcement is the email police making sure your domains aren’t masquerading as impostors.

These changes mean that even a few complaints out of a gazillion emails sent can tarnish your sender reputation. A 0.05% complaint rate is now considered high risk. That’s just 5 complaints for every 10000 emails sent! It’s like spilling tea at a posh garden party; it just isn’t done!

Bid Farewell to the Spamming Era

To survive this email revolution, you need to give your email marketing a makeover too:

  • Trim your email list to eliminate invalid addresses and inactive contacts. It’s like decluttering your digital closet; out with the old and in with the relevant!
  • Avoid using spam-triggering language. Think of your emails as delicate soufflés; a little too much puff and they collapse.
  • Space out your email campaigns; don’t flood inboxes. Nobody wants to feel like they’re stuck in an email monsoon.
  • Assign a dedicated person to oversee email campaigns. You wouldn’t send a ship to sea without a captain, right?
  • Personalise your emails with first names and relevant content. No more generic blasts. It’s time to be the bespoke tailor of email marketing.
  • Authenticate your domain with DMARC to prevent impersonation. You’re the guardian of your digital realm; don’t let email pirates in.
  • Utilise a reputable, certified email service provider like Mailchimp or dotdigital.  Or if you can afford it, Bullhorn Automation or Force24. It’s like having a butler for your digital correspondence.
  • Last but not least, obtain a verified mark certificate (VMC) to visually verify your emails. Think of it as your email’s passport; it’ll take you places.

Surviving the Email Transformation

The email landscape is changing faster than a chameleon at a disco, but email marketing is far from retiring.

By prioritising relevance, quality, and trusted sender practices, your emails can party with the inbox A-listers.

For those still spamming away, your emails are headed for the digital junkyard. So, it’s time to don your email tuxedo, authenticate, personalise, and offer real value to survive the email revolution.

In conclusion, indiscriminate mass emailing is as unfashionable as a mullet haircut. It’s time to clean up your act and woo the inbox with style.