Broadbean or LogicMelon

November 13, 2014

I’m often asked the question – which is better Broadbean or LogicMelon? (Actually I get asked – which is better Broad bean or Logic Melon – but I assure you they are all one word!)

The truth is I could write pages on the minor differences between both (I am geeky enough), and boy will their sales people be able to wax lyrical about how much better they are than the other.  The reality however is that for the main there is very little in it.

In fact those of you old enough to remember the good old days of conkers and broadbean will know that there was little difference in the two.

Often the choice between Broadbean and LogicMelon is a bit like choosing between Hovis and Kingsmill bread.  They are both bread, they both have the same number of slices, the same ingredients and are priced about the same.  They are just packaged slightly differently, have tried to define a separate story and are manufactured in different places.  But essentially they are the same product in a different skin.

This is pretty much the same between Broadbean and LogicMelon.  To say there are no differences would be disingenuous – after all, one is vegetable based and the other fruit, and there are some minor distinctions too.  But these are not really significant deal breakers and it therefore comes down to personal preference.

Of course you will get claim and counter claim – the biggest one I recall is the size versus quality of support.  The only real way to get to the bottom of it is to do some independent due diligence. Ask people you know in the industry what their opinions are.

So when deciding between these two it really boils down to the following:

  • How good of a financial deal can you negotiate
  • Who do you personally buy into the best
  • What do your peers say
  • Do they support all of your job boards
  • Are they (or can they) be integrated into your CRM or other systems
  • Which one do you feel has a better look/user experience
  • What would renewing costs be (be careful you don’t get tied in to a cheap deal to see it rise sharply next year – this is a killer one often overlooked by keen marketers bagging a deal)
  • How many customers left them last year to join the other and vice versa.

It should be noted that there are other products on the market – idibu and the jobpost being the other two which jump out. In all honestly though they are generally considered second division in comparison.  And whilst I have my preference between the bean and the melon, it doesn’t stop me being able to work with the entire range of job posters.

The luxury of the choice is that you can’t really get it wrong – in most cases you will end up with the same product, but packaged differently.  Recruitment is full of them – Daxtra or Burning Glass, Saber or Cube19, Bullhorn or Bond etc.  But they are all other blogs waiting to happen, but before I do that,  I’m off to make myself a sandwich, now which bread shall I get…….

Of course it is not always this straight forward.  If you need any support in making the right decision, or want someone to negotiate the best deal, then speak to us today.  We have relationships with all of the job posters and can go straight to the top to get you the best deal.

Blog written by Robert Woodford – Principal Consultant.